Apple tree

Hello! I’m back!

Haven’t actually been anywhere, per se, but STUFF has been happening, as it does with us all.

My dear apple tree succumbed to the gales this week. It is the first time in the three and a half years I have known her that she has had an abundance of apples. Now she is tilting over, with a few shallow roots adhering to Mother Earth. It’s as if she has had her swan song, and I had a feeling she was saying goodbye.

The apple is the tree of love, truth and beauty. The tree of the grail, you might say. Of course Avalon means “isle of apples”, and I will miss my brave friend, who has always been overshadowed by the magnificently glorious hornbeam, whilst struggling to reach the light, giving food and shelter to numerous birds.

She has given and received much love to and from Celtic Earth Reiki students, as well as to myself and the creatures who have been sustained by her. Now I will gather her last crop of apples, and her wood will keep me warm in the winter.

Goodbye, dear friend.


About forfedha

I never know what title to give myself. Basically I am an Earthkeeper, I guess. My objective is to share my discoveries and beliefs with others. I connect with trees and Earth energies, teach Celtic Earth Magic, Tarot and Munay-Ki, and honour the ancient ways as much as resonates with me. Always searching, forever marvelling at the gifts I am given. That's it really.
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4 Responses to Apple tree

  1. Lucinda says:

    Beautiful Sue. I remember her well from your tree day, one of the most loving and friendly trees I have met.
    Bless her, how generous to give so wholeheartedly before passing. xx

  2. alisonamazed says:

    Lovely post! I’m looking for apple tree stories. So sorry to see you tree fall, and if you can spare some firewood, you might like to try building a BioDiversiTree to keep a little of her alive. 🙂 Check the pingback for ‘how to’. Alison

    • forfedha says:

      Hi Alison,

      You will see that my tree has been transformed into a magical portal over the path to my secret pond!
      Great that the biodiversitree gave so much to OOTO xx

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