Back in the land of the rising sun

I must say it certainly is the land of the rising sun at the moment – very hot and humid, unusual for October apparently.
I ran an evening seminar last night. What a joy! Lovely people all wanting to know more about Earth healing. We did a guided visualization to send healing to the site of the tsunami and earthquake in March. Munay-ki private session sold out, with a waiting list. Everyone wants to acquire a rainbow body! Who can blame them. Lovely, lovely people. It’s as if I haven’t been away. Same room in the condo too! First Munay-Ki sessions today. Ideas for the Celtic Earth Magic website coming through too. Would love to hear from you all. Jason and Purdy seem to be getting on at the moment. She spends all her time in the stone circle, and he provides food. Perfect relationship as far as she is concerned.


About forfedha

I never know what title to give myself. Basically I am an Earthkeeper, I guess. My objective is to share my discoveries and beliefs with others. I connect with trees and Earth energies, teach Celtic Earth Magic, Tarot and Munay-Ki, and honour the ancient ways as much as resonates with me. Always searching, forever marvelling at the gifts I am given. That's it really.
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8 Responses to Back in the land of the rising sun

  1. Fabulous work you are doing, can feel the energy from here 🙂

  2. Eva says:

    It sounds wonderful Susan, am looking forward to hearing more of your journey in the Land of the rising sun. Much love x

  3. Hi Sue, all sounds so good. Continue with your wonderful work and enjoy. Kathy xx

  4. Angie says:

    You have been very much on my mind, lovely to read that all is fruitful. England misses you, it’s just started to get chilly! xxx

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