new moon perigee

I hope you all enjoyed the lovely, unusual weather. We had glorious days here in Japan.
At 8-30pm English time tonight (Wednesday) we have a new moon perigee. This is when the moon is closest to the earth and can affect the weather because the gravitational pull is stronger. So, could be the last we see of warm, calm days for a while. Here the time will be 4-30am on Thursday, so PLEASE no earthquakes at that time of the morning.
Some of my e-mails haven’t been getting through from you guys, so, please if I don’t respond in a couple of days, can you re-send? I look forward to them so much, as it is my only connection with home.
It is really windy outside at the moment (6-00am Wednesday), so building up to the perigee new moon.
Much love


About forfedha

I never know what title to give myself. Basically I am an Earthkeeper, I guess. My objective is to share my discoveries and beliefs with others. I connect with trees and Earth energies, teach Celtic Earth Magic, Tarot and Munay-Ki, and honour the ancient ways as much as resonates with me. Always searching, forever marvelling at the gifts I am given. That's it really.
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