Celtic Earth Magic level III

Here are a few pictures from the last working day until next year.
The Emperor’s garden is a relic from the days when Samurai were the powerful influence of Japan. When that era finished the huge palace that once stood here was quietly demolished, but the gardens remain.

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Ancestor ceremony

Met up with Rachel yesterday. She bought me a birthday lunch in The Ram. Lovely to be in the village pub, with Linda behind the bar and the fires lit. Lovely food and company.

At Samhainn the guests were asked to bring messages to send for the ancestors, including past pets and friends. Of course we couldn’t offer them up to the flames as we weren’t allowed to have a fire, so I said I would take them home and burn them in the stone circle. Rachel very kindly said she would take photographs so the students could see them being sent in a respectful, honourable way.

It was a lovely evening, with the full moon high and bright. The garden is covered in fallen Autumn leaves, and looks so different to when I went away! Stuart had at some time while I was away placed some more stones. Jason doesn’t like them, and I have yet to find out more about them, but Stu knows exactly what he is doing, of course, and I know they will settle in nicely. Rachel wasn’t sure about one of them, but by the end of the evening, she had warmed to it. Will let you know what the stones say to me when I have tuned in more.

I placed the messages in a hand-thrown pottery bowl, we lit the fire and placed lanterns round the circle at the four directions, with one in the middle by the central stone. We stated the intention, called on the guardians of the directions, and asked the Lord and Lady to come forth to witness the ceremony. We dedicated the messages to the ancestors, and one by one gave them up to the flames. After that we also remembered all the people and animals who had died in wars throughout history. The fire died down as we reflected quietly. We then gave thanks and closed. It was all very beautiful and powerful. Purdy was late, which isn’t like her, but she came running along eventually, loving the build-up of energy.

In the photos there were so many orbs. You may not see all of them clearly, but most show up ok.

I do hope I did justice to the ancestors and their descendants.

Love and blessings on this memorable date

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Home again

Arrived home late on Tuesday evening. Lovely to see Purdy and Jason, and home. She looked very happy and contented. Jason had placed flowers in the rooms, the moon was bright, and I heard an owl.

Slept like a log, and woke at 4am, but that’s to be expected.
My last day in Tokyo was quite sad, although I know I will see everyone again next year.
I was taken for lunch in Roppongi Hills, which is very posh with designer shops everywhere. I went there last year, but can’t remember this huge spider! I don’t know if anyone saw the magnificent metal spider that was in Tate Modern when it first opened, but this one is obviously a relative!

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Last few days

I gave the last Munay-Ki rites yesterday for this year in Japan! My interpreters and I have done fifty hour-long private sessions over the last four weeks, and it will be three weekend workshops, as well as seminars and youtube shoots. So all in all we have helped 9 new Earthkeepers to emerge, and given 9 others their first rites. Hopefully these 9 will complete the rites next year, and other people will begin their journey. It’s all great stuff. 2012 here we come!
I revisted Asakusa shrine today looking for netsuke. I had nearly given up when I discovered just what I was looking for in a gift shop in a back street. I wish I could show them on the blog, but they are gifts. Perhaps the recipients will let me show them after they have received them. I did spend a lot of money, but had a good time doing it! At least the gifts are unusual ones.
The Buddhist temple at Asakusa is the biggest one in Tokyo, and there are many Shinto and Buddhist shrines in the grounds. There are some remarkable stones and rocks there, some with carvings and writing on. The great thing is that they are left in their natural state, not polished and shaped.
Last Celtic Earth Magic course tomorrow and Sunday. I must ask for good weather. A lot depends on this one being successful!

Full moon on Thursday, celebrating Samhainn. My crystals will be in the stone circle, having a great time!

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Pics from Celtic Earth Magic level II

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Samhainn greetings

Happy Samhainn everyone! Have fun whatever you are doing tonight

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Sunday breakfast

I am having roasted Gingko nuts for breakfast when I am dreaming of being in Bill’s at 8am, when there is hardly anyone else there sigh…..
However, I still have my Twinings Earl Grey, even if they have changed the formula after 400 or so years xxxxx

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