Joyous Beltaine!

Konishiwa from Japan!
Joyous Beltaine to all.

I am sure the English countryside looks glorious at the very special festival. I am tuning into it and to all of you who are celebrating today.

Love and hugs

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1st January – the coldest month of the year. Yet already there are shoots poking their heads above the ground, and tiny leaf buds on some trees. I have one white rose blossom still on a climbing shrub which is determined to survive, despite being battered and blown about by the strong winds and persistent rain.
We are coming out of the sleeping time. The natural world is telling us so. Soon the blackbird’s haunting song will herald the coming Spring, and birds and beasts will begin the search for a safe place to give birth to their young. Imbolc is only a few weeks away, then watch out for birds collecting materials for their nests. The natural cycle of the year does not stand still. Animals do not dwell on past hurts or mistakes. If a novice mother blackbird builds her nest in a precarious spot one year she does not repeat the mistake, but learns from it and chooses a safer place the following year. We are all part of the great wheel of life that never stops turning.
Some people say that the world will end on December 21st 2012. I do not believe this is so. What I do believe is that we have one last chance to recognise and embrace our role in the turning of the wheel. You may feel that your DNA is changing, and so it is. We are rapidly evolving, and our energetic body is vibrating at a higher level. This is Spirit asking us to go with the natural rhythm of life, recognise that we are not superior to other beings, but part of the whole. We are co-creators with the whole of existence. What joy it is to be able to feel our connection to the web of life. It is those who live in fear of this who are the lost ones. Those who depend on material things, who destroy the natural world, those who pollute and poison. The smallest thing can make a difference. Please speak out to anyone who ignorantly puts down slug pellets, or “weed”killer, who cuts down an Elder bush because she is seen as a “weed”. These people are not evil, just uninformed. 2012 is the year for us to come out of the closet, to voice our beliefs, to face criticism or even ridicule for being “new age”, or “hippy” – whatever labels others put upon us because they need to put us in a box with an appropriate name-tag.
Things are shifting and changing. The old order is coming to an end. It is time to give birth to the Divine Feminine. Religious and cultural suppression is old hat now. A new age is about to dawn, and I for one am so grateful to be a part of it.

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Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice to everyone! What a beautiful sunrise this morning, and what a different day to last year, with all the freezing weather, and slippery roads. The stone circle was vibrant with pulsating energy this morning. When the birds began their morning singing the air was filled with joy. How blessed am I to be where I am now, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

Things are rapidly speeding up – a new dawn is literally dawning. If we only open our hearts to receiving the abundance we deserve our time here at this moment can be truly magical. Want to join me on this journey? The secret is to release all fears, and false senses of security. Not easy, I know, but what I DO know is that we are not alone. Spirit will hold us, and guide us. Taking one step away from fear, and into trust is a brave thing to do, but what rewards are waiting!

Joyous Yule xxxx

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Thoughts on Samhainn to Yule

What is the first thing people are saying on greeting you at this time of the year? –  “Done your Christmas shopping yet?”
We rush around like mad things trying to get “it” all done, spending money we don’t have on presents others don’t need, just for the sake of keeping up with the mass conditioning.

Yet, at this time, the seven weeks or so from Samhainn until Yule was a time when our ancestors, closer to the Earth than we are today, took note of her quiet time, and drew inwards. The Earth is resting. The trees shed their leaves; sap slows, bulbs lie dormant under the cold soil. Days are at their shortest, and nights longer. It is a time of peace. In the struggle for survival on a daily basis, our ancestors welcomed this fallow period, when the animals were brought close, some were slaughtered for meat to see the tribe through the Winter, when people took the opportunity to connect with each other, and to remember those in whose footsteps they trod. It was a time to gather around the fire, tell stories and pass on experiences; a time to value those connections, and to learn from each other.

When I wake in the dark of the morning I have a song-thush singing his heart out in the tree outside my window. This glorious, poignant sound has always thrilled my soul, and I feel so blessed to be able to sit in the dark, with one candle lit while I have my morning cup of tea and just connect with this fragile, wind-blown beauty. It reminds me of Thomas Hardy’s poem – The Darkling Thrush.

He begins in his usual vividly descriptive style telling us of a frosty winter’s day at dusk, when he leant against a coppice gate. The countryside is bleak, and all men have sought their cottage fires:

“And every spirit upon Earth seemed fervourless as I.
At once a voice arose among
the bleak twigs overhead,
in a full-hearted evensong
of joy unlimited;
an aged thrush, frail, gaunt and small
in blast-beruffled plume
had chosen thus to fling his soul
upon the growing gloom.

So little cause for carolings
of such ecstatic sound
was written on terrestial things
afar or nigh around,
that I could think there trembled through
his happy, goodnight air
some blessed Hope, whereof he knew,
and I was unaware.”

Thomas Hardy loved Nature, and his poem written in old age – “Afterwards” is one I can’t get through without a lump in my throat.

I have been making spicy apple chutney to give as gifts to my children and friends. Such a simple thing, and yet something created with love and care. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these simple, inexpensive gifts were given as the main present, instead of an extra accompaniment to the “big one”?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we took our ancestors’ guidance, and spent Winter days going within, connecting with friends and family, and stopped forcing the day to be longer so we could get all our Christmas shopping “done”?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all took a few minutes a day sitting in the dark with a candle, listening to the Magic of Nature?

Love and Blessings



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Netsuke all well-received, so I thought you might like to see how much detail is put into these tiny carvings. Japanese men used to wear them on the end of the money containers on kimono. Some used to be made of ivory as well as hard woods, and are becoming rare these days. I am so glad I managed to find these.

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A three-fold team!

I was TRYING to read some information to Rachel from the Book of English Magic, and apparently I needed my Familiar to impart the wisdom effectively

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The level III students

Some from this year, and some from last year, and we all got on so well. They were brilliant, and Nature Spirits came to meet them very readily because they were so open, eager and accepting. A joy to work with these lovely people

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