Shinto wedding

Saw a Shinto wedding today. We stood back so I wasn’t close enough to see the detail, but the bride wore a white outfit with a huge hood. The bridegroom wore a man’s kimono. It is respectful not to intrude by taking photos, but I got a distant one. It’s a shame you can’t see close up, but I wasn’t going to act like an American tourist!

Today was much cooler, and my multitude of mosquito bites have receded. It’s an occupational hazard that I am allergic to mosquito bites! The mosquitoes have black stripes, and are like kame-kazi pilots in their vicious attacks. You can reason with wasps, but mosquitoes are focused on one thing only – blood.

Also saw these vibrant blue flowers and this rather battered-looking puss. He sat stoically minding his own business like some wise old Buddha.
Going to visit the park where I am holding my Samhainn ceremony on 31st. No fire allowed! That will seem strange, but will conjure one up in the parallel realms. Will be psychically connecting up with Eva Weaver’s ceremony at Tilton House


About forfedha

I never know what title to give myself. Basically I am an Earthkeeper, I guess. My objective is to share my discoveries and beliefs with others. I connect with trees and Earth energies, teach Celtic Earth Magic, Tarot and Munay-Ki, and honour the ancient ways as much as resonates with me. Always searching, forever marvelling at the gifts I am given. That's it really.
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3 Responses to Shinto wedding

  1. Lorna says:

    Will look forward to hearing how your Samhain ceremony goes …
    I am hoping to have my fire-bowl by then and am looking forward to the ceremony that the ‘group’ are going to have in the garden here 🙂
    Love and Blessings,
    Lorna xx

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